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New Photos for 2011 coming soon. Please be patient while we do some work on the website.
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I have been doing sports photography since 1977, and have been an active USCF racer since 1986. On my site you will see a variety of sports related photography, everything from professional bike racing, to the cat 5 racers. I wanted to make it so the "regular" racer can get a good shot of him or herself enjoying the sport of cycling. I started bringing my camera to races around 1990, and found a large group of people who loved to see good action photography. Since then, I have expanded to many other sports, as well as getting photos of the fans who enjoy our sport.

My aim is to get reasonably priced pictures to the people who participate in the sport, and to promote the events we all enjoy. So check out the site, and if you have any suggestions I would love to hear from you. If you want some shots, and I am going to be at the race, feel free to introduce yourself. You don't have to buy anything unless you like it. I still race in the masters category, and I'm still just "Pack fodder", but I have no complaints- Thanks again, and I'll see you at the races.